2010年 アートフェア東京にモントリオールのARTERIA GALLERYより出展。

2011年 伊勢丹新宿ギャラリーにて『人形たちの宴』を開催。

2012年 渋谷ヒカリエ アートスペースにてミュージカル『ウェストサイドストーリー』の作品を展示。

2016年 TOYOTA WebCM『ちょい孝行プロジェクト』に出演 

               BSフジ 小山薫堂東京会議の公式ラインスタンプ『会議ねこ』を制作

2018年 着物屋くるりモデル ロカリラウンジ出演

Jun is a Tokyo based visual and
performance artist. Her family owned and
operated a Japanese antiques business, and she
was educated to appreciate things of beauty.
As an adolescent she joined Takarazuka Revue
based in the Hyogo Prefecture. Later, she
awaked to discover interior beauty in addition
to exterior beauty and began to explore work
inspired by her own inner world, exploring the
visual arts as a doll artist.
She has exhibited at Shinjuku ISETAN art
gallery, Art Fair Tokyo, and Shibuya Hikarie
among others. Jun also works as an executive
coach, performance coach with women, and
works in the arts with dementary school

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